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Poze Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden
Poze Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden

Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden

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Self-Discipline. Develop Daily Habits to Program Your Mind, Build Mental Toughness, Self-Confidence and Willpower This book is all about the wonderful world of self-control and self-discipline. Self-d...

Self-Discipline. Develop Daily Habits to Program Your Mind, Build Mental Toughness, Self-Confidence and Willpower This book is all about the wonderful world of self-control and self-discipline. Self-discipline is a wonderful thing. It can mean the difference between achieving goals or not achieving goals. It can give a person a greater sense of self-worth. It can allow someone the ability to work harder for a shorter amount of time and accomplish much more than before. Self-discipline can make the process of dropping bad habits in favor of good ones much easier to accomplish. People who have self-discipline are happier in life. They have a greater sense of purpose overall and a greater sense of accomplishment in everyday life. Seeking self-discipline is the best way to a better life. Self-discipline is a goal that will only be accomplished by following a path that will cause a great deal of pain. Walking this path will require a good deal of hard work and dedication because this path is not an easy one to walk. Sometimes, people fall off. Sometimes, the direction of the path needs to be changed. Sometimes, the path needs to be broken up into smaller trips in order to be able to complete the whole journey. Self-control and self-discipline require hard work and serious commitment. If a person is not really serious about the need to develop self-discipline, then it just will not happen. No one can give anyone else self-discipline. It needs to be learned within. However, consider what happens if self-discipline is never developed. Can a person go on in life without ever developing any level of self-discipline? Of course, they can. What they will be missing out on is a lifetime of achievement. They will be giving up all sense of self-worth and self-fulfillment. They will lose out on the ability to replace bad habits with good ones. They will never know the joy of getting rid of addictions and temptations. They will be forever plagued by negative feelings of anger and regret and guilt. They will live their entire lives accomplishing nothing because they lack the necessary self-discipline to accomplish anything. They will not succeed. Of course, it is a purely personal choice. It is possible to live life without accomplishing anything. It is possible to just skate through life devoid of any sense of self-worth and self-love. It is possible to get to the end and never achieve any type of goal. However, what kind of life would that really be? The best way is to begin today to work on personal goals. Start now by deciding which habits are bad and need to be replaced. Make a list of good habits that need to be cultivated. Decide when this new lifestyle will begin--keeping in mind that sooner is better. Write down all the goals that need to be achieved and all the good habits that need to be cultivated. Post this list where everyone can see it. Tell family and friends. Get everyone involved. Most importantly, remember that a successful outcome will be its own best reward!

Daca in categoria Beletristica ai gasit produsl dorit, atunci ai ajuns pe siteul dorit. Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden este unul dintre cele mai comandate produse din categoria Beletristica, fiind tot timpul in stocuri limitate. Plaseaza online o comanda si in cel mai scurt timp ne vom ocupa ca Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden sa ajunga la tine. Termen de livrare 1-2 zile lucratoare, un functie de stocul disponibil.

Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden este alegerea perfecta pentru a-l face cadou sau pt a-l comanda pentru sine. Beletristica. Poti efectua plata online pentru a te bucura de Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden in cel mai scurt timp. (Conform politicii de transport)

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Toate comenzile sunt procesate in siguranta, respectand ultimele standarde in vigoare, iar comanda ta nu va fi exceptata. Comanda produsul Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden iar noi, ne vom asigura ca ai comandat ceea ce ai comandat.

Durata livrarii produsului Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden?
Timpul mediu de livrare a comenzilor este de 24-48 ore de la plasarea comenzii, insa acest timp poate fi diferit daca comanda pt produsul Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden a fost plasata in timpul week-end-ului, vineri seara sau in zilele cu sarbatori legale

Returnarea produsului Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden?
Desigur, daca produsul Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden nu iti place, nu ti se potriveste sau nu corespunde asteptarilor tale, ai la dispozitie 14 zile calendaristice din momentul primirii coletului sa returnezi produsul fara nicio obligatie suplimentara. Banii ii vei primi inapoi in maxim 30 zile calendaristice de la momentul confirmarii returului.

Cat costa sau care este pretul pentru Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden?
Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden costa 68 Lei, nu rata ocazia si comanda Self-Discipline - Ray Vaden la pretul de 68 Lei, cat inca mai este in stoc.

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